Why You Need To Vanilla gift Card

Summer is just around your corner and it’s time to make your brand stand out. The merchandising summer plays an important role in the summer season, so in Graphic Symbol bet by floats summer in our summer catalog.

The floats summer are still in trend and are ideal to gain greater visibility at this time of the year. In addition, they continue to be one of the most desired items for their originality and usefulness. And let’s be truthful: no one can resist the typical photo with the float.

The objective of promotional gifts in the summer campaign is to connect with potential customers, create brand memories thanks to the visibility of these items and achieve interaction with the public. However, everyone knows that many other brands also bet on this strategy, that is why our recommendation is to always bet on innovation. Activate vanilla gift card can be chosen for an excellent promotional gift though.

The floats summer personalized with your logo are a very creative concept that will highlight your brand. How to include it in your marketing strategy? The possibilities are very varied.

Promotion with summer floats

For a few years people have seen how brands include summer floats in their promotional strategies. Here are some ideas on how to boost your purchases through these promotional gifts.

Social media giveaway: As summer floats are objects of desire, a very interesting action can be a social media giveaway for those who post a photo with a specific hashtag. In this way you get virality on social platforms.

Purchase incentive: During the summer consumers are more willing to spend, so a good way to encourage them to buy more is by offering summer floats as a gift for purchases above a certain figure. It is assured you that more than one will decide to fill the shopping cart more to receive this gift.

Reward your best customers: Give the personalized summer floats with your logo to customers who buy your most Premium products, that is, those who spend the most. It is an option similar to the previous one but specific to boost sales of a more select product category.

NewCustomers: A very fun way to receive your new customers is by giving a gift. These types of gifts will create a positive feeling around your brand and will leave them wanting to repeat.

Summer float campaigns

The floats summer burst into the scene to two years and since then there have been many ways to use them for campaigns summer. Still have doubts? Check out some of the past campaigns of big brands with these promotional gifts.