A Complete Guide on How to Move a Pool Table a Short Distance

How to move a pool table a short distance

Here are some tips on how to move a pool table a short distance

  • But, first, make sure you have enough help. You’ll need at least four people to move the table.
  • Clear the room of all furniture and other obstacles.
  • Remove the pool table from the wall and lay it on its side.
  • Move the table to the new location and reattach it to the wall.

There are a few different ways to move a pool table across the room, but the use of a pool table lift is the ideal option. This is because it doesn’t require disassembling the table, and it is much easier to maneuver than if you were to try to move it manually. In addition, make sure that the width of your doors is wide enough to allow for easy passage. If they’re not, you’ll have to disassemble the table to get it through.

However, if your doorways are wide enough and you don’t want to hassle with disassembling the table, another option would be to use a dolly. Again, just make sure that the surface on which you’re moving the pool table is level so that there’s less chance of it slipping or tipping over. And finally, if neither of those options works for you, you can always try dismantling the table and carrying it piece by piece through the doorways. But this will create more work for yourself and could potentially damage your furniture.

Use strong dollies

Dollies are wheeled devices that help to move heavy objects. By using strong dollies, you can reduce the amount of stress on your back and arms. In addition, by using dollies, you can move the table across the room more quickly and easily.

Some are designed specifically for moving pool tables, while others can be used to move various objects. When choosing a Dolley, make sure that it is made from durable materials and large weight capacity.

Furniture sliders are small plastic discs that attach to the bottom of furniture legs. They allow you to slide furniture across carpets and other surfaces without damaging them. While they may not be as effective as dollies, they can be useful in a pinch.

Use a pool table lift

You need to take a few things into account when using a pool table lift. These include the table’s weight and strength and the heaviness of the wheels. However, you can move your table easily and without any stress by considering these.

Measure the distance of the move

It is important to measure the distance of your move before you begin. This will help you determine if you have enough space to move your pool table through doorways and staircases. You should also measure the height and width of your table to select the right-sized furniture dolly.

If you cannot fit your pool table through a doorway or staircase, you will need to remove its legs and transport it in pieces.

Prepare the pool table for transport.

When you’re getting ready to transport a pool table, the most important thing to remember is that the table needs to be folded well to avoid any wrinkles. In addition, the felt is glued to the table and not stapled, so care must be taken when taking it off.

The slate is the heaviest piece on a pool table, so extra hands are needed to unscrew it during transport. Ensure you have all of the tools you need before starting–including an Allen wrench set and a screwdriver.

If you’re transporting the table yourself, it’s best to use an auto transporter. This will protect your car from any damage and ensure that the table arrives at your new home in one piece.

Choosing a mover can be difficult because many factors factor into your decision, such as cost and quality. Therefore, it’s important to do your research before selecting a company and ask for references from friends or family members who have used movers in the past.

Auto transport often involves DIY moves or renting trucks for the move itself. If you choose this option, make sure you measure your vehicle carefully to ensure that everything will fit inside. You’ll also need plenty of packing materials like bubble wrap and cardboard boxes to protect your belongings.

Moving is a complex process that requires careful planning to avoid any potential problems along the way, including preventing damage to your property and liability issues with other cars on the road. Therefore, it’s important to start planning well in advance so you have plenty of time to gather all of the necessary supplies and contact a mover if needed.

Real estate is also involved when moving from one state to another since some states require more time than others for settling in after relocating. If you’re moving internationally, you must figure out what kind of duty will apply before taking off! Make sure you consult with an expert about any taxes or restrictions that may apply.

Locate a helper

When looking to relocate a pool table, it is important to find the right helpers. You will need people who can help you pack the table and those who can help you lift it. It is also important that everyone involved in the move is dressed appropriately. This means wearing sturdy sneakers and clothing that can get dirty.

Hiring a specialty moving company may be necessary if the move is more complex. These companies have experience relocating pool tables and know how to do it safely. They will also be able to provide insurance if anything goes wrong during the move.

Dismantle the pool table

The first step in moving a pool table is to dismantle it. This can be done by following the instructions on the table or by looking online. If instructions do not exist, at least 60 minutes are required to take the table apart.

Begin by removing the rails from the table. This can be done by unscrewing them with a screwdriver or staple remover. The bolts that hold the rails in place can also be removed. Once they are all off, please take off the felt and slate from the table to do packing and moving around the house easier.

Transport the pieces to the new location

If you’re transporting the pool table in one piece, make sure it’s level before moving it. Using a carpenter’s level or a straight edge, you can do this. Next, chalk the playing surface and use a felt brush to remove debris.

If you have to go through a door or over some threshold, take the table apart and reassemble it in your new location.

These options are not in order, and you’ll need to decide which is best for you.

Reassemble the pool table

Now that you have all of the pieces on your pool table, it’s time to reassemble it. The first step is to put the legs back on. Make sure they are in the correct holes, and then use the screws to secure them in place.

Once the legs are attached, add the slate and felt on top of it. This will protect the table and give it a finished look. You will also attach all rails and pockets at this point if you have not already done so previously.

If you need to move your pool table a short distance, you can use moving straps. These straps wrap around furniture or appliances and help hold them together during transport. For example, moving a freezer typically requires turning it on, removing the bottom plate, and then moving it with the strap around four sides of the box.

Reassembling a pool table is easy if you know how to separate them into parts and put them back together again. It’s best to hire professional movers for your move because they can do more than friends can in less time, though there are ways you can do this yourself (like using moving straps or disassembling and reassembling your own pool table).

Moving companies typically have an hourly rate and offer an estimate of what your move will cost beforehand with no obligation (again, like using moving straps). So if you’re feeling up to the task, go ahead and try to reassemble the table yourself. But if not, don’t worry–there are plenty of people who can help you out.

One important thing to remember is that it’s ok to move during the holiday season, but certain days are better than others for those with older parents or heavy furniture to move. For example, weekdays are usually busier for movers than weekends, so Saturday might be a good day to schedule your move.