Top 5 Best IDN Poker QQ Books

Many people enjoy poker. To help them learn the basics (for beginners) and improve their game (for experienced players), there are a variety of poker books. These books have been very successful in promoting poker, with many people admitting that they were introduced to it through books.

These poker books are so popular that there have been a few sites dedicated to their review in recent years.

The majority of reviewers on these poker book sites agree that ‘Harrington On Hold ’Em’ by Dan Harrington (and Bill Robertie) is the best poker book ever written. It comes in two volumes: ‘Harrington On Hold ’Em Volume 1 and 2. These books are written by Dan Harrington, a former WSOP main-event champion and a well-respected authority on poker. Bill Robertie, a former champion in backgammon, assists him with the writing.

Barry Greenstein’s Ace on the River, another excellent book on poker is rated by some poker book reviewers as a better choice than Harrington’s on Texas Hold ‘Em. The critics of Barry Greenstein’s Ace on the River note that it is a great poker book but is geared towards advanced players. A beginner poker player, who is the most likely to be looking at poker books anyway, might find it difficult to understand the information. Many consider Barry Greenstein’s Ace on the River the best guide to professional poker.

Michael Konik’s appropriately titled ‘Telling Lies & Getting Paid’ is another great resource. Many people, especially pro players, find it inspiring. It contains many poker stories that can help to enhance one’s poker strategy without getting too technical. Although it is not an instructional book on poker, “Telling Lies & Getting Paid” is full of entertaining stories that anyone who is familiar with poker will enjoy.

Anthony Holden’s “Bid Deal” is another poker book that deserves a place in the top five most important poker books. Original publication in 1990, “Big Deal” is Anthony Holden’s personal account of his life as a professional player. Anthony was one of the most prominent poker players of the 1990s. Although ‘Big Deal’ does not provide a complete introduction to poker, it can be used as a guide for a beginner to the game.