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There are lots of internet lotteries online. Here is the shitter, what’s appropriate shameful is that Yids are throughout the net and write books about the way they took that the north bank at 75,76,77 blah blah, actually west do it-the issue is although they shot the north bank by a lot of tops and older women and children, today that’s awkward, what occurred when the appropriate Arsenal company decided enough is sufficient in 1982 and moved in the north lender to shield it? I know for a fact that the last time you attempted to choose the north bank before the canals went yids got terrorized, do not deny it. Hahaha, only learned that the superyids got spanked on and off the pitch at final nights CL semi 1st leg from Ajax in the street, so far. For you to be the present no1 company, must give it for you superyids tho, nobody tries harder, I can not wait to listen to the explanations again. Ta ta.

The very good thread that afternoon at 82 brings back a few memories; heaps of people clocked boys at the north bank since west got given the entire clocked, I presume; it had been going off anywhere before and after the match, but it was nothing in comparison to Arsenal v Millwall at 88-fighting about the pitch and battling. After the match around Highbury, the armies and tops have had it; good day. Had nothing from Millwall, good firm-Tiny proved to be a fantastic pal of Daintons during the late 70s and ’80s, Tiny was a part-time clocked boy back then, that he had been there several times, and all of us loathed West Ham, everybody in the nation did. I am sick of you mugs cunting off us here and everywhere; fine, you had any great small dinosaurs on daily but did we, you’d Robbins, Murrell, and good small Hoxton company, but we had it together with them all and can not recall a time we have done over the cobbles. I can name several occasions we entrusted you a great deal; however, Id.

Thanks, Skinhead 69; I didn’t find some remarks in which Yids offer us much charge, all I found was we chose the north we completed you you had no telescope and that kind of thing. Essentially yids only cunting off us; if they had been part of this yid mob away from 1980-1992, they’d understand that they obtained fuckin slapped untold occasions by we place a fair number of these in hospital and that I could daftar osg777 honestly say that they never gave it up, we all believed that the yids them times were nothing, somewhat like Chelsea, large numbers no jar or grade, we all had it together with the leading companies, we do not have to create our tales or even write novels about it cos those leading companies all affirm it, that is much more than could be said concerning the Yids rear then. All that the ideal mate. We’re living in challenging financial times where everybody is searching for a means to earn additional cash and secure their financial potential.