NBA 2K21 – Creative Basketball Players with Outstanding ‘Playmaking’ Attributes

In basketball, there are players who like to score those high-jumping dunks, rebounds and even long shots from outside the circle.

Then there are those who enjoy stealing the ball out of your hands, as well as staying back to bully you around by blocking your passes and shots when you are starting to play on the offensive.

However, another prime aspect of a player’s game also revolves on his ability to pass the ball around quickly, dictating the play of the match while also confusing opponents on which player to mark.

In NBA 2K21, you can be sure of these outstanding basketball players on the court, with spectacular ‘Playmaking’ stats to keep the game firmly in your hands, and the ball in your player’s:



Monte Morris (Denver Nuggets): OVR 79

– The 25-year old American Shooting Guard/ Point Guard is a highly-skilled player who is able to provide pinpoint assists to teammates, even when he is under pressure by others much bigger (and taller) than he is.

  • Pass Accuracy: 94


Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets): OVR 91

– Boasting the highest possible stat for handling the ball in the game, Kyrie Irving is a master of the dark arts when it comes to skilfully beat opponents on the basketball court.

  • Ball Handle: 99


De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento Kings): OVR 87

– A highly talented young professional, De’Aaron Fox is lightning-quick when he is on the move with the ball, with only a few players capable of matching his speed when he is on top of his game.

  • Speed With Ball: 97


Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets): OVR 96

– Jokic is tied with James Harden (Brooklyn Nets) in this category, but slightly edges the American basketball player due to his higher OVR rating. The Slovenian is duly a genius when it comes to surprising opponents with outrageous half-court passes.

  • Pass IQ: 98


Russell Westbrook (Washington Wizards): OVR 88

– Another great basketball player on this list, Russell Westbrook is an experienced Point Guard who possesses the eyes of an eagle, reading teammate runs to be able to provide the perfect pass out of the opponent’s reach and expectations.

  • Pass Vision: 94

These spectacular players would definitely light up the court with their tremendous passing capabilities and gameplay reads.

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