9 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Rummy

Rummy is truly an interesting and thrilling game of skills. Lakhs of players play it and more still get attracted to it, thinking that it is easy to play. It might look that way, because all the rules are explained properly by the online rummy playing platforms, you also get to learn about some strategies and tricks. Still, whether a newbie or an experienced player, they tend to make some mistakes in the game and end up losing.

One of the reason being that Indian rummy is a fast-paced game and sometimes you have to take decisions in a split-second. It is not enough to only know about rules, strategies, and tricks; but you should also know about potential mistakes that you could do, others have done, so that you will consciously avoid them and play rummy on the winning path. Here’s the common mistakes that you should look to avoid:

  1. Maths skills could be bad: Wait, you don’t need to be expert at maths to play rummy. But basic maths skills are needed. Probability, permutations and combinations, basic addition, etc. not just for your cards, but also while observing your opponents moves.
  2. Gamer fatigue is real! Guess you will agree here – fatigue sets in when you work for longer time, 12 hours instead of usual 9 hours in your office. Same happens with rummy online. If you continue to play game after game for hours, your brain will get tired and decision making will slow down. Relax, take a break, and come back when you feel fresh.
  3. Why give in to emotions? Rummy is a game of skills, not of emotions. Keep your emotions in check whether you are on the losing or winning path. One move can change the game, and if you play aggressively or emotionally, you wouldn’t put enough tactical thought to be or go on the winning path.
  4. Less practice: it is rightly said – Practice makes a man perfect. This applies in every field. Knowing all the rules, strategies, and tricks doesn’t mean you are ready for cash games. Before you begin these high-stakes games involving professional players, play practice games until you are ready.
  5. Playing like a Robot: No! Rummy is not meant to be played mechanically, just discarding and taking cards mindlessly. For every move of yours and opponent’s, you have to observe and think analytically, strategize, take calculated decisions, and then make your move.
  6. Rushing with Moves: even though online rummy game is a fast-paced game, you shouldn’t just make a move without even thinking. On online rummy platforms, players usually get a fixed time to make their move (e.g. 30 seconds). Make use of that time, don’t rush. This also applies in avoiding a ‘Wrong show’.
  7. Keeping High-value cards: this is a common and basic trick taught to players. Discard your high-value cards as soon as possible. In case when your opponent does a valid show before you, your points incurred will be the minimum.
  8. About Opponents: don’t just focus on your own game, remember, you have to do a valid show before your opponent does. Hence, it is equally important to observe their moves, counter, confuse them, and try to slow down their formation of sets/sequences.
  9. Intuition is Important: you should always trust your gut feelings while playing rummy because the game is not completely dependent on moves. With intuition, you can predict cards and winning possibility with moves. Do not disregard your intuition.

Making mistakes is not a bad thing when it’s done once. Everybody makes mistakes. But you have to ensure 2 things after that: 1. Learn from your mistakes. 2. Never repeat your mistakes. Having said this, if you are now ready to play rummy after knowing which mistakes to avoid, then head over to KhelPlay Rummy, download the app and register. Play rummy with lakhs of players from all over India and by eliminating mistakes from your gameplay, start winning lots of real cash.